Monday, April 11, 2011

Star Trek Items For Sale

STAR TREK ITEMS FOR SALE (Myspace seems to have deleted my Star Trek blog)


- Star Trek: Battlestations! By Diane Carey (paperback; First Pocket Books printing: November 1986; condition: very good) - $1
- "Star Trek: The Great Starship Race" by Diane Carey (paperback; First Pocket Books printing: October 1993) - $1

- Starlog Spectacular #4 (March 1992; cover: "Fantastic Ships Of The Galaxy") - $5

- Beverly Crusher poster: "This won't hurt a bit" (large poster with Beverly Crusher in blue uniform; 1995; condition: thumbtack holes in corner) - $1


Star Trek Figures (Playmates)
- Dr. Beverly Crusher (“As Seen In The Motion Picture Star Trek Generations”; Asst. No. 6430; Stock No. 16047; 1997; unopened; RARE) - $25
- Seska As A Cardassian   (From The Episode “Maneuvers”; includes Exclusive Skybox/Playmates Collector Card; Asst. No. 6430; Stock No. 16022; 1997; unopened)  -  $6

- Enterprise Call Sheet (from Second Season: "Dead Stop"; from Tuesday, August 20, 2002; Director: Roxann Dawson) - $7
- Star Trek Generations Convention ticket (SIGNED by Marina Sirtis; from March 19, 1995 at The Eugene Hilton, Eugene, OR) - $15

I'm also selling my Star Wars collection, as well as other collectibles. They are divided as follows:
- Star Wars 12-Inch Figures - Action Collection, Collector's Series, POTF2
- Star Wars Episode I Action Figures And Toys
- Star Wars Micro Machines
- Star Wars Power Of The Force Action Figures And Toys
- Star Wars Power Of The Jedi Action Figures And Toys
- Star Wars Action Figures and Toys - Various Lines
- Star Wars Books And Bookmarks
- Star Wars Calendars, Catalogues and Clothing
- Star Wars Comic Books
- Star Wars Customizable Card Game (CCG)
- Star Wars Key Chains
- Star Wars Magazines
- Star Wars Miscellaneous Items
- Star Wars Models, Mugs, Office/School Supplies and Ornaments
- Star Wars Party Supplies, Pez, Postcards and Posters
- Star Wars Promotional Items
- Star Wars Puzzles, Recordings and Roleplaying Games
- Star Wars Store Displays
- Star Wars Trading Cards
- Baseball Cards
- Miscellaneous Collectibles (and other items)

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